DIY Spooky Halloween Bowls

DIY Spooky Halloween Bowls

One of our goals here at Le Plat Co is to focus on the reusability of our serveware items. With Halloween coming up, there isn't a better time to reuse your large serving bowls for candy. So whether you are passing candy out to trick-or-treaters or have some candy out around the house, we have some quick ways to dress up your bowls for the spooky season!

Below are three fun ideas using some of our signature bowls and most craft items you should have around the house. We believe decorating for the holiday should be easy and fun! So get your creative juices flowing and get ready for Halloween night. 

Vampire bowl - Top Hat Bowl

This quick and easy bowl is fun for all thirsty for blood! 

 Paper vampire teeth added to candy bowl

All you need is a large bowl with a rim, one sheet of plain white paper, a pencil with an eraser, tape, and scissors!

  1. Fold the paper in half, then in half again.
  2. Follow the bowl rim and copy ¼ of the bowl onto your paper.
  3. Follow the bowl line and sketch teeth—two front, one fang, and a couple leading into the corner of the mouth. 
  4. Cut the inside line along the teeth and the outside line along the curved rim edge.
  5. Unfold the paper and flatten it.
  6. Attach the teeth along the rim of the bowl.
  7. Add red “blood” to fangs if desired!

    The mummy - Hive Bowl

    Awaken the dead with this super simple mummy bowl!

     Halloween candy bowl made to look like a mummy with toilet paper and googly eyes

    You will need a large serving bowl, googly eyes, tape, toilet paper, or tissue paper. 

    1. Tape googly eyes next to each other mid-way on the outside of the bowl. 
    2. Start at the back of the bowl and tape the paper down. Wrap around the bowl, and avoid covering googly eyes completely. End the paper wrapping on the bottom of the bowl and tape it to secure it.

    Spider Webbed - Iris Bowl

    Create a simple spooky web creeping all over your bowls!

     Glass bowl with marker spider webs for Halloween

    Grab a glass bowl,  sharpie marker, color of choice, and rubbing alcohol or magic eraser for removal. 

    1. On the outside of the bowl, start by drawing a cross and then an x in the middle of the cross.
    2. Start weaving your web by drawing small U’s between lines until they meet. Then, make more rows of these U lines until you end on the outer edge of your starting lines. 
    3. Make other cobwebs over the entire bowl until completely covered. 
    4. Use rubbing alcohol or a magic eraser for the removal.
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