Le Plat Co.

LPCo showcases makers from around the world, helping to bring their designs to your tabletops. So let us be a guide every step of the way on your journey to serve your best!

When buying serveware, we want to encourage shopping small and recycling vintage. Our collections support artisans that focus on sustainability, reusability, and handcraft. 

Support shopping small

Giving back and support for other businesses and artists is at the forefront of LPCo. We support and curate independent artists worldwide. By adding them to our collections, we are helping them to cast a wider net for their products to be showcased. Our team is relentless in encouraging our customers and future customers to shop small.

Sustainability & Reusability

LPCo is always on the hunt for artisans who use sustainable materials and practices in their businesses. When choosing products, we look for reusability. Reusability, so our customer's purchases can be used years to come and in multiple ways around the home every day. Therefore, always searching for vintage to rehome, thus bringing the old and the new to works seamlessly when serving. 


Products must be handcrafted in some element. No mass-produced products here; we love to celebrate uniqueness! LPCo understands how the texture of the material adds life to the serveware, how colors represent different moods and emotions, and how neutrality makes a design relevant across all seasons. These criteria form the basis for our curating of different kinds of creative designs for our serveware collection.