Bowl Basics

Serving Bowl Basics

Serving Bowl Basics

Bowls are a bonafide staple in any kitchen. But what are the basics of serving
with bowls? We dive into everything "bowls" below because we believe
an empty bowl = endless possibilities.
So make sure you save this article to have a quick reference
when serving and creating your table!


Three bowl styles you should have…

Small Bowl
  1. Size: 2-5 Inches
  2. Shape: Shallow & Wide
  3. Uses: Condiments, Dips, Small Finger Food, Trinkets
    Medium Bowl
    1. Size: 6-10 Inches
    2. Shape: Ornamental
    3. Uses: Appetizers, Side Dishes, Decorative
      Large Bowls
      1. 10+ Inches
      2. Shape: XL
      3. Main Dish, Bread, Family Style Serving


        Bowl material matters...


        • Seal or Unsealed? Make sure it is sealed if you are using it for wet goods. Also, some bowls need to be re-sealed throughout their lifetime and uses. 
        • Check out our Hive Bowl. It is a once-in-a-lifetime XL bowl with its re-sealing kit with purchase!

        Glass/ Crystal

        • Think vintage! The vintage glass/ crystal bowls look so classic and dazzle in any setting. 
        • Crystal is long-lasting and, most times, passed down through generations. If you don't have any pieces, start by checking out our vintage section to shop now!
        • When caring for glass and crystal, we prefer to wash by hand and avoid the dishwasher. This keeps them sparkling and avoids the breakage of these delicate pieces.

        Porcelain/ Ceramic 

        • There are great options when it comes to unique pieces. They can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
        • Again, these pieces sometimes have a seal and unsealed aspect. As well as food-safe sealed. Make sure you check before serving. 
        • Use as a way of serving and not baking. Always transfer out of baking or cooking dish!

        Other (Soapstone, Cement, Bamboo)

        • Check them out! We're always looking for other bowl material options
        • Any texture is welcome on the table. Always check if food is safe and the seal quality when choosing what to serve!

        Make every meal a bowl meal...


        1. Fruit Salad
        2. Porridge
        3. Parfait


        1. Salad
        2. Soup
        3. Chips


        1. Pasta
        2. Potatoes
        3. Chili