Sets make sense!

Sets make sense!

With serveware, a great piece can stand alone, yet when other items surround it, they make a statement!

Le Plat Co was founded to create collections of unique serveware, and we always think about sets when sourcing. We want it to be easy and accessible to think of combinations of serveware for your table and gifts! Below are overviews of our signature sets for our current collection, which are on sale on the site, so make sure you check them out. 


Silver bowl, wood board, and gauze napkin set.

Gather Set

This set is the perfect starter set for the budding entertainer. A great start to a classic serveware collection that is ready to serve anything from an appetizer to the main course. 

Hayley Board

Flora Bowl

Wisp Napkin (2)

The versatility of the rustic Hayley board combined with the sparkling flora bowl has endless possibilities when serving. The wisp napkins are always a great addition. Their light and airy texture make them useful for quick cleanups, appetizers or adding texture to the table. 


Ivory candles (2), soapstone candle holder, gauze table runner set.

Table Set

A set to spice up your table decor! Add the gauze runner, matching natural candle, and natural soapstone candle holder for a sophisticated addition to any table.

Sunny Runner

Carter Candle Holders

Natural Matte Candles (2)

We often feel like we have all the serveware for food but need options for our tablescape. Then this is your set! It's about the whole package, and it's excellent with all of its neutrals so that you could add any of these pieces to items already. We use the Sunny Runner in almost all of our tablescapes, and we're sure this will become an easy staple!


Glass bowl, olive scoop, reusable tooth picks set.

Serve Set

What a significant upgrade to any serveware collection with the addition of modern reusable utensils and a classic bowl. These are items we are sure you will be using over and over again!

Franklin Olive Scoop

Iris Bowl

Polly Picks (4)

The Franklin Olive Scoop is one of our most talked about items. You don't know you need an olive scoop once you have an olive scoop! The iris bowl is perfect for anything from dips to sides, with a solid base and beautiful coloring. All these items will be used together or separately, no matter what you serve. 


With each collection that comes out, we curate sets out of the items that truly complement each other! Please ensure you are also on the lookout for our pop-up sets throughout the year. Holiday sets usually hit around early November for a limited time, so get them while they last.

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