Our Founder

Serving people seems to run in my family, and I think we do it at its best. Coming together for a meal has always felt like a celebration. Whether we were at home or visiting family or even camping. For me, serving goes beyond dishing out a decent meal; it should be a memory of serving yourself and serving others. A memory that starts from the serveware you choose to use to the love you pour into the meal, the company you hold, and the time you cherish. To serve my best always is something I hold very dear and try to implement daily to give others and myself joy!

The Le Plat Co. Promise, we strive to help people serve their best, always.

Le Plat Co. was born as I started my adult journey traveling around both for work and leisure. I became exposed to more and more beautiful ways to serve and serveware from all around the world. I knew right away that I wanted to find a way to continuously share this with others. Wanting to showcase a beautiful collection of serveware from independent makers worldwide and helping to bring their designs to your tabletops. To encourage the shopping of small crafts and recycling vintage. Our collections feature artisans that support sustainability, handcraft, and reusability. Your one-stop shop to learn, purchase responsibly and serve others.

Thank you for taking this journey with Le Plat Co. I always could imagine this in my wildest dreams, and I am so glad that I am finally bringing it all to you!